*All homestead applications must be accompanied by a copy of applicant’s driver’s license or other information as required by the Texas Property Tax Code. Applicant may also be required to complete an affidavit to qualify for an exemption under certain situations.

For a complete list of forms please visit the Texas State Comptroller’s website.

Agricultural, Wildlife & LandAppointment of Agent
Agricultural 1-d-1 ApplicationAppointment of Agent Form
Agricultural GuidelinesRevocation of Agent for Property Tax Matters
Appraisal of Public Access Airport Property 
Appraisal of Recreation Park and Scenic Land Property Tax Deferrals 
Guidelines for Wildlife ManagementTax Deferral Affidavit for Appreciating Residence Homestead Value
Open Space Land Appraisal for Ecological LaboratoriesTax Deferral Affidavit Over 65 Disabled Homeowner
Restricted Use Timber Land Appraisal 
Texas PWD Wildlife Management PlanHomestead Exemptions
Timber Land AppraisalGeneral Residence Homestead Exemption – Including Age 65 and Over Exemption
Wildlife Management Annual ReportDisabled Veteran’s or Survivor’s Exemption
Application for 1-d-1 (Open Space) Timber Land AppraisalResidence Homestead Exemption Affidavits
ARB/Protest Miscellaneous
Notice of Protest FormRequest for Confidentiality
Property Taxpayer Rights & RemediesGeneral Rendition of Real Property
Property Taxpayer Rights & Remedies – SpanishResidential Real Property Inventory Rendition
Affidavit for Protest Hearing EvidenceAgreement for Electronic Delivery of Tax Bills
Request for Separate Taxation of an Undivided Interest
Business Personal Property
Aircraft RenditionOther Exemptions
Application for AllocationTemporary Exemption Property Damaged by Disaster
General Rendition of Personal PropertyAmbulatory Health Care Center
General Rendition of Personal Property – Non Income ProducingCemetery Property Tax Exemption
Dealer’s Heavy Equipment Inventory DeclarationPrimarily Charitable Organization 501(c)(2) Exemption
Dealer’s Heavy Equipment Inventory StatementCharitable Organizations Improving Low-Income Housing
Retail Manufactured Housing Inventory DeclarationCommunity Land Trusts
Retail Manufactured Housing Inventory Tax StatementCommunity Housing Development Organization
Dealer’s Motor Vehicle Inventory DeclarationDredge Disposal Site Exemption
Dealer’s Motor Vehicle Inventory StatementExemption Application for Solar or Wind-Powered Energy Devices
Dealer’s Vessel & Outboard Motor Inventory DeclarationHistorical Exemption Form
Dealer’s Vessel & Outboard Motor Inventory StatementLow-Income Exemption Form
Property Tax Abatement ExemptionMiscellaneous Property Tax Exemption Form
Freeport ApplicationApplication for Nonprofit Community Business Organization Providing Economic Development Services to Local Community
Rendition of Property Qualified for Allocation Of ValueNon-Profit Water Supply or Wastewater Service Corp Property Tax Exemption
Going Out of Business Sale Permit ApplicationPollution Control Application
Goods-In-Transit ApplicationTransitional Housing
Vehicle Exemption Application FormPrivate School Property Tax Exemption
Lessee’s Affidavit of Primary Non Income Producing Vehicle UseReligious Exemption Form
Application for Tax Exemption for Vehicle Used to Produce Income and Non-Income Producing ActivitiesTheater School Property Tax Exemption
Youth Development Organization Property Tax Exemption
Application for Charitable Organization

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